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Why Kyocera Copiers Are Better Than Xerox

When you think about copy machines in general, you probably are used to hearing the name “Xerox” in reference to the office supplies. For a while it seemed like Xerox was the only copier manufacturer, or at least the only one that anyone was ever talking about. That makes it better than all the other right? Now that’s where the assumptions come in. While you probably haven’t heard of the name Kyocera as much, they have actually quickly become one of the biggest names in copiers and multifunctional printers. Not only have they grown in business in such a short time, but their machines have turned into a staple for many offices around the United States and the world.

Why Kyoceras Copiers Just Make Scenes

Kyocera copiers are not only reliable but also advance in technology with every new model that comes out. Xerox may sound more traditional and familiar, but that does not always mean reliable and advanced. Kyocera copiers have technology that is user-friendly and easy to maintain and understand. Gone are the old days of fighting over who has the tedious task to unjam the copier or change out the toner cartridge. One of the most fascinating features of a Kyocera machine is the way that it has the technology to mimic even the most intricate of images and replicate any previous system you’ve seen before! Not only is clarity a big factor, but so is easy-to-use mechanics. With a reliable copy machine, you are able to get work done faster and copies made crystal clear, instead of dealing with an old system that is just going to frustrate and slow you down. Sometimes familiar and old isn’t always the best way to go.

Get A Newer/Better Copier For Free Without Spending A Penny More

How Kyocera Stacks Up Against Xerox

High definition and efficient technology isn’t something that needs to break the bank. Your copier should be able to give you the quality and professionalism you are looking for at a sale price! A Xerox can easily cost what seems to be a fortune, which can make any business owner run for the hills. Kyocera has different options when it comes to what is available for your business and your budget. One of the perks of looking into getting a Kyocera machine is the availability and diverse machines. Not only does Kyocera offer different machine sizes, but also different kinds of series that allow for accommodation in any office settings. Not only are your prints and images going to come out bright as day, but also the technological side of the copier is not intimidating at all.

Copier Adaptation

With a Kyocera copier, you have access to a very versatile system that not only allows you to customize everything from paper tray settings to colored copy restrictions, but also a system that can pair with other systems that may already be in place in your office. Kyocera copiers have advanced technology that allow them to be paired with cloud systems that you may already own. This allows for pin point scanning, something that many offices have adapted and have started using more and more lately. If your office and business is adapting and growing with the market’s everchanging technology, shouldn’t your copier?

A Gem In The Copier World

A Kyocera may sound like it is more expensive than a Xerox after all those settings to advance it. But in reality, Kyocera copiers are some of the most affordable and you will most definitely be getting more bang for your buck! Breaking the bank does not have to be on the table just to have the latest and greatest in copier systems. Kyocera copy machines are not only diverse in prices, but most authorized Kyocera dealers have amazing deals to fit any part of your budget that you have allocated to a machine. While a Xerox may sound fancy and advanced, it is actually outdated and can sometimes come with a fancy price tag as well. Your staff wants to spend more time working, not trying to fix your copy machine and fighting with it every hour.

Final Thoughts

Make the most of your business hours by setting up your team for success during their workweek. Let a new Kyocera copier create that efficient atmosphere that your staff and business deserve! Talk to your authorized Kyocera dealer today to learn more about which copier would be best for you, and ask how they can arrange for an affordable maintenance agreement so you are worry-free if there is ever any issue. Why struggle with a Xerox that is going to weigh you and your business down, when you can have a new Kyocera copier that will only help the business flourish and grow!

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If you are still not convinced how Kyocera copiers are better than Xerox copiers contact one of our copier specialists today so that we go over some of the pros and cons. For those business owners that already leasing a Xerox copier but wish they had read this article before they started leasing – we encourage you to check out our “Copier Free Upgrade Program” for business owners that qualify. You really do get you something better without spending a penny more. Check out our link below to learn more and how to start the pre-qualifying process. Lastly, for our Orange County and Los Angeles County communities, if you are a new business that’s looking for a copier that is a little more economical, we also have a Copier Starter Package Promotion for business owners who qualify. To learn more on each of these programs and promotions, click on the following links below or give one of our specialists a call today.

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