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Why Future Proofing Your Next Copier Lease Matters To Your Business

There may be a few things that you can’t picture being without when it comes to your business’ office space. When thinking about these kinds of pieces of equipment, a copier machine should definitely be at the top of your list. Not only is it something that will be of great advantage to everyone in your office but also something that will set your company up to grow and move forward with any new business that may be coming your way.

There are many reasons that a copier machine is a great asset to you and your office space, no matter what kind of business you are in. If you’re thinking that there isn’t a reason for you to go and spend a good amount of money on an upgraded copier machine, then you might want to rethink that thought! But if there’s anything that any office can use is a machine that will be the core of your office space.

Get A Newer/Better Copier For Free Without Spending A Penny More

No matter what you need to use your machine for: copies, high quality colored printing, scanning documents, or faxing out, there is a machine that is perfect for you and your business to give you every single feature that you’re looking for. Now it may seem like you need to break the bank in order to make all of those features a reality for you, but it actually is a lot simpler than you would think. So now, it’s time to make a list of what you’re looking for and find the copier machine that is right for you!

The Right Features On Your Copier

One of the biggest advantages to knowing exactly what you’re looking for in a copier machine is being able to pick out the features that will make or break your decision. This makes it easier when you’re talking to your copier vendor for multiple reasons. You won’t be strayed away from what you’re really looking for when they try to sell you on a machine that you don’t really want. You know what you’re looking for and you know where your business is going. That means that you’re the one to call the shots on what machine is best for your office space.

Know What Your Looking For In Advance

Whether you have a specific machine in mind or just know what you’re looking for, it is smart to not go into this search blind to what you’re looking for. Another reason it will make the process easier is that you’ll know exactly which features you absolutely need than ones that you could leave out if it came down to choosing one or the other. Weighing out the pros and cons ahead of time is a great way to go into that conversation at full speed and ready to get exactly what you’re looking for. If you have any doubts, make sure you ask those tough questions before signing any paperwork. There may be some features that you’re not sure how they work too well, and that’s the best time to figure out what they are to know whether they are assets or just extra features that are not necessary. You may not go into the meeting with a physical list, but at least you’ll make the necessary decisions based on rational, educated thinking rather than impulse and the word of someone else.

Go For Color or Black And White

Doing your own research is never a bad thing! It does not mean that you’re going to know exact terms or exactly what each machine or make or model does or is available. It just means that you’ve done your part in knowing what you’re looking for and what you’re not looking for at the moment. One of the biggest debates that businesses have when looking into a copier machine is whether to go with a standard black and white machine, or to go all in with a color machine. This tends to be a debate that is mostly centered around the type of work your company is doing and whether or not colored copies or prints are even necessary. If it is a feature that you only use every once in a while, it may take more consideration depending on how much more of an expense it would be.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to know your own pros and cons before you have a conversation with your copier vendor to be prepared to make a decision after consulting them. Sometimes the conversation isn’t necessarily about how much the most upgraded copier machine is and if you’re able to afford the most expensive; it is a conversation about what you’re looking for in a copier machine and exactly what your business needs and will need in the future with your growth. Your copier machine should be an asset to your office space, not a burden that you think of every time you look at it! Talk to your copier vendor today about what your options are for getting the machine that is best for you!

You Have Other Options

If you are still unsure what type of copier you should be getting for your next upgrade, we encourage you to speak with one of our copier specialists today. And on the off-chance you are already in a copier agreement with another copier vendor and regret signing up with them – we encourage you to check out of Copier Free Upgrade program for business owners that qualify. Our team of professionals will help you get into a newer/better copier without spending a penny more. Let our team of professionals pre-qualify today to find out if you can get that better copier machine sooner than later. And for those businesses that are in our backyard and are looking for a Starter Program, then we encourage you to check out our Starter Program for business owners who qualify. This applies to those businesses that are in the Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

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