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The 4 Ways Pull Printing Might Benefit Your Business

Regardless of what type of industry you are in, every owner should be doing everything they can to become more efficient, productive, and reduce less waste in all areas of their organization. Additional, in the wake of a new digital era, businesses big and small need to make sure that their data is secure from cybercriminals. Here is where pull printing software comes into play.

What is Pull Printing?

Pull printing essentially means that a person who is requesting a print job will first go through a secure server that then delivers or “pulls” the job to the printer. The actual printing part only happens once it is authenticated by the user at the designated device. This allows the user’s computer to take on additional tasks and reducing any type of strain on your network.

The Benefits To Pull Printing

Pull printing can offer multiple benefits for every type of business out there. The great thing about pull printing is that you don’t have to purchase a specific type of printer to perform this function. This can all be done by simply installing some software to start taking advantage of this feature. If you are worried that the program is going to cost you a pretty penny, you will be happy to hear that it’s relatively inexpensive. In fact, most of the newer models have a basic feature pre-installed allowing you to reap the rewards straight away.

Convenient and Secure
With a two-step verification system in place, it will minimize any unclaimed print jobs and their associated costs that come with it. Not only that, but all your important documents will be completed protected. You no longer have to worry about any prying eyes looking at your information while it sits in a shared printer. For those that are constantly in and out of the office, employees can print from a secure network, have it secure, and then retrieve it when they get back into the office. And, if by chance the printer is in heavy use, employees can simply go to another printer and pick up their documents instead of printing them all over again. Imagine just how big of a benefit this is to businesses that have their printer on a different floor or area of the warehouse.

Decrease Office Waste
Every business is looking for ways to be eco-friendly these days not only save the environment but also to reduce paper waste. There are multiple scenarios where employees need to print something forcing them to walk over to the printer to pick up their documents. More often than not, they will find themselves being interrupted forcing them to resolve the current issue in hand and leaving the document in the tray for a later pick-up time. This, unfortunately, leads to people forgetting about their document and being thrown in the recycling bin only to be printed again. Pull printing minimizes this paper waste because it forces the employee to print only when they are in front of the machine.

Increase Productivity
Pull printing also has the potential to make your staff more productive and efficient while they are on the job. Your employees will now be able to perform batch printing without having to worry about another staff member disrupting their document flow. Another great benefit to pull printing is that it allows your staff to print as many print jobs as they want to the print queue and picking them all up at a time when it is most convenient to them. This ultimately puts a stop to any unnecessary workflow interruptions and encourages productivity.

Decrease IT Strain
Pull printing has the added benefit of making your business’ IT infrastructure more efficient. Rather than having to manage multiple print queues on different print servers, you are now able to run everything through one single print server. Furthermore, pull printing will help reduce the cost that comes with purchasing expensive personal printers for your senior members that are handling sensitive documents.

Next Steps

Now that you know more about pull-printing and how it can lower cost and increase efficiency, the next step is to look at potential manufacturers and local vendors. Contact one of our professionals today to find out if Compare Business System can help improve your workflow operations. And if you just so happen to already have a copier but regret purchasing the product due to inferior features or just bad customer service from your vendor, make sure to take advantage of our free upgrade program for new customers.