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6 Questions To Ask Your Copier Dealer To Find Out If They Are A Good Fit

When your business gets to a specific size, your either going to need to purchase a copier or invest in one. Now the more likely scenario is that you will opt into a leasing agreement rather than buying one outright while coupling it with print service agreement with your local copier vendor. This is because smart business owners know that like a car, your office copier will eventually break or malfunction in some sort of way and eventually putting a halt in your daily operations.

It is also important to note that the right printer makes a world of difference. When you have a solid office copier that does everything you need it to do along with a copier dealer that is capable of giving you top-notch support you will never have to suffer any downtime for very long.

If you are reading this post, then you are probably nervous of being scammed or ripped of by a copier dealer that promises the world just to get you to buy.

We completely understand this fear. Most people can easily envision a copier sales representative being just another branch of a used copier sales representative. This is why we decided to create this list of questions that will help you sniff out the “used copier dealers” of our industry so you can avoid them entirely.

Do they have current customers I can talk to?

The best way to get to know a company’s value is by asking talking to some of its customers. Doing this simple step will offer insight into any concerns that you might have regarding their level of service, billing, etc. And if you are looking to purchase a whole copier fleet, then it’s worth looking into their Google review and Yelp reviews to see if they’ve worked with some of your potential copier partners. When you are able to get confirmation from a non-vetted customer and match that with the reviews online, you have a great indicator that you are looking at a highly credible copier company.

However, if they can only provide a small handful of referrals, start running…

Is their main objection to sell or help you?

This one is going to be more of a gut feeling so be observant of what they say and do. While they are talking to you, are they bolstering about their product every single minute or are they asking questions to help resolve some of your current challenges. If all they do is push a product, then they’re probably more interested in closing a sale then helping you. Bottom line, if they can’t hear you over the sound of their own voice, then its time to move on.

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Are they a certified dealer?

An official copier dealer has a great relationship with the manufacturer (Kyocera Copystar), which means that they provide top-notch training for the dealers technicians. This is a great benefit for you as they will be able to fix and/or repair your office copier at a much faster rate. Additionally, certified dealers are able to turn to their manufacturer to replace a copier if you got an unfixable lemon.

Are they investing in their service technicians?

Copier dealers are everywhere, but what distinguishes a good copier dealer is their ability to deliver superior service to their customers. This means that copier technicians need to be well trained and experience to handle any situation. So another great question to ask your copier dealer is how many years of experience does the average technician has in their company. Furthermore, how often do they get new training and update their skills?

When you have a deadline to meet and your copier suddenly breaks, you don’t want an inexperienced service technician to fumble around with your copier simply because they don’t have to knowledge or experience your issue that same day.
Are they looking to move a box or do they offer a more well rounded service?

Is there something more that your copier dealer can provide other than just selling a copier? Many dealers know that customers don’t just want a copier; they want someone who can help them in other ways such as servicing their machine. The term “moving a box” is a copier lingo for just pushing a copier regardless of what a customer needs.

Are they locally-owned?

When dealing with a locally-owned copier dealer, they are making their own decisions on how to properly take care of their own customers. A locally-owned dealer doesn’t have a long-decision chain, which leads to a quicker response time and a friendly customer service staff. When you are dealing with a manufacture-owned copier dealership you can’t get the same type of discounts and a longer decision-making wait time which can impact your business – especially in service related issues.

Final Thoughts / The Next Step

As you search the web for information on a new copier or a refurbished one, make sure that you are asking as many questions as possible. Make sure that you are paying close attention to what your copier dealer is saying so that you can quickly find out if they are just looking for a quick sale or if they are truly looking to help you grow your business. If you have any questions about leasing a new copier, make sure to reach out to one of our specialists today.

We also encourage everyone to take advantage of our free upgrade program for new customers. If your business is showing tremendous growth but your current copier agreement doesn’t meet your needs, then we encourage all business owners to take advantage of our Free Upgrade Program for business owners that qualify. Finally, if your small business currently operates in the Orange County, Los Angeles County, or San Bernardino County community and are ready for a full-size copier that won’t break the bank, then we encourage you to check out our copier Starter Package promotion for small business owners that qualify. If you have questions or need more information, reach out to one of our specialists today. 

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