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The Best Copier Lease Option for Your Business

Leasing any type of equipment can sometimes feel like a hectic debacle. It requires lots of research, going through tedious paperwork, and making high stake decisions in a small amount of time.

While the headache is usually worth it, sometimes it does make you wonder why the process just can’t be easier. While it can come down to depending on the equipment in question, your office equipment is one of the things that shouldn’t be complicated. In particular, your copier machine should be one of those lease agreements that is uncomplicated and without headaches. But how do you know exactly what kind of lease is right for you? Are there certain aspects of the agreement that you should be aware of when looking for the best copier company? While there are a lot of factors to look into before signing your copier lease agreement, this should be a smooth process.

Project Your Future Copier Needs Today

Make sure that you are informed about certain language and options that may make your decision and signing easier. Be aware of what you are looking for in regards to long term financing as well as what your business could be needing as it grows within that time frame. While it is impossible to know what your business needs will be in 3-5 years’ time, there are functions and accessories that you may want your copier to have in order to accommodate for anything you might be expecting. Accommodate your equipment to fit every aspect of your business without spending all of your budget.

Get A Newer/Better Copier For Free Without Spending A Penny More

Leasing A Copier Offers Flexibility And Growth

Leasing for the most part sounds a bit scary. Just the word itself sounds like something overly complicated that will in the end not benefit anyone involved. But in reality a copier lease is something that can really give your business a head start to growth and becoming quicker and more efficient. A copier is something that can increase many aspects of productivity within your business and work space. One of the main reasons that copier leases are so popular is because it creates a great opportunity for business owners and offices alike.

Leasing Copiers Is A Common Practice

With a copier lease, you are looking at leasing an industrial piece of equipment that would only be available as a big purchase if looking at a more traditional sense. But now that copier leases have become readily available to more companies and business of all types of standings, the luxury of having a copier is now something that is common. Something that might not be as common is being able to understand the best type of lease for you. While you always have the option of the conventional purchase of a copier, that is quite a hefty expense whether you’ve had your business for a total of 10 weeks or 10 decades. Such a hefty price tag might be the reason that some business owners flee at the thought of a copier system, or multiple, in their office space but now that leasing is a readily available option there is no need to fret.

Leasing And Your Spending Budget

Now you may find yourself asking a good amount of questions when it comes to what kind of lease you should get. The answers are usually found after looking into a couple of areas; most importantly your budget. This factor alone sets the tone for almost all decisions and options that most business owners take into considerations when the talk of leasing agreements come up. There are a couple of different kinds of leases and some of those include major bonuses such as maintenance agreements, supplies, and a buyout or upgrade options towards the end of your lease. Once you have a budget in mind it is a lot simpler to look into your copier machine options, as well as which lease is best for you.

The Length Of Your Copier Lease

Another factor that correlates with budgeting is the length of the lease. While some businesses opt for a shorter lease as to not having to commit to one type of copier for a long term period, those shorter leases can also sometimes come with a significantly larger monthly payment. And while it does also depend on the model of your copier machine, it is a shorter amount of time to pay off an expensive piece of equipment. A longer lease can sometimes come with the benefit of a cheaper monthly payment spread across an extended period of time.

Fair Market Value vs. $1 Buyout

There is also the decision between a standard FMV, fair market value, lease option or a $1 buyout. While getting a $1 buyout may sound like a deal, these leases do tend to be a bit more expensive and there’s no opportunity for a copier upgrade towards the end of your lease agreement. Being eligible for a copier upgrade is something that many business owners look forward to in order to keep the most up to date equipment in their office. So when looking at your lease options remember that whatever is best for your growing business, there is a copier vendor with a lease option for you!

You Don’t Have to Wait Until Your Contract is Up

If you happen to be stuck in a contract with your current copier vendor and are looking for ways to cut ties with them, make sure to ask one of our copier specialist about our Free Copier Upgrade Program for business owners that qualify. We’ve attached a quick link below to shows you just how simple this program is and how you can start taking advantage of it today. Lastly, we currently have a special promotion going on right now for all business owners that currently operate in the Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County. If your current desktop printer is no longer meeting your printer needs and are ready to lease a commercial copier that won’t break the bank, then we encourage you the check out our copier Starter Business Package Promotion for business owners that qualify. Our team of experts are here to help if you have any other questions. 

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