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Why Kyocera Copiers Are Better Than Canon Copiers

It is natural for us to stick to things that we are used to, it is against our nature to purposefully diverge from what we are comfortable with. That is why most people tend to also stick to brands that they know or have heard of for quite some time.

And while sticking to what you’re used to and know best isn’t always a bad thing, it sometimes can hinder growth in certain aspects. For instance, when it comes to your business it may feel like keeping it simple with what you already know is the safest bet. But when it comes to something that is supposed to help you flourish, like your copier then it might be time to pull out the most advanced systems on the market.

Canon is a brand that almost everyone in the world has heard of for one reason or another. It’s a classic and most likely a brand that you trust to be effective and well versed in all types of systems. And while Canon does also supply copiers, the name of the brand alone isn’t always going to mean it’s the best out there.


Kyocera copiers have long put themselves to the test against many of the older, more well-known brands in the business. Not only do they continue their award winning technological advances, but also have gotten to show the world exactly what they can do. Being able to take on big names such as Canon, Kyocera has proven that sometimes you just need to go with the copier that is the best and produces the best consistently rather than one that you’ve known about longer.

Kyocera copiers have many functions and that customizable functionality is what has gotten the brand in the offices and work spaces of many business owners. People are starting to see the difference and definitely taking note of the future of the copier business rather than the history of it.

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While a Canon copier may sound top of the line and the best in the business, make sure you do all of your research before committing just because of the name brand. Canon may have been around for a while, but copiers are all about advances and being able to support the technology that its users and their businesses are using it for. One thing that you don’t want in a growing business is unnecessary down time. That time can cut productivity as well as delay any projects that may be needed for clients or other business aspects.

Kyocera copiers are known for their quick warm-up time and fast paced printing and copying technology. No one should have to be waiting around for the copier to warm up and download the job from the computer any longer than they have to. Kyocera copiers have the advancements and the technology to keep up with all of your office systems. Not only will it be ready to roll, as well as have system settings that are customizable for sleeping and being idle, but you also won’t have to worry about your files and projects getting printed, copied, or scanned correctly.


Besides the technological side of Kyocera copiers, there is also the aspect of quality and life expectancy for your equipment. While upgrading equipment and constantly getting the newest series of copiers is an option, it is nice to know that your machine is durable and able to take on whatever your business ventures throw at it. Another aspect that may give you and your office peace of mind is the low maintenance that a Kyocera copier is.


Not only is it easy to know when your machine is ready and due for some maintenance, but changing and monitoring your toner levels is also something that is easy to check. The toner cartridge system in a Kyocera copier not only monitors and checks your toner usage and levels at a click of a button, but it also has a secure way to make sure you are never wasting toner inside the copier. With its technology, these copiers not only check toner levels but it has a locking mechanism within each toner cartridge which allows the copier to stay locked until it recognizes that the individual toner cartridge is completely out of toner. This allows for your toner to be used in completion and without wasting a single drop!


Not only do Kyocera copiers have the technology to create an effortless office environment and space, but it also helps being efficient. While Canon has been around for decades, it is time for you to give your trust to a more efficient copier company. Go ahead and take your copier worries and talk to your copier vendor today about switching to a Kyocera printer and get the peace of mind your business needs and deserves!


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