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Telltale Signs That Your Office Copier Needs To Be Replaced

It’s hard to let go of a copier that you’ve gotten accustomed to using for so many years. When you invested so much on your office equipment, you want to make sure you get as much good use out of it before looking into purchasing a new one. However, when a copier machine starts to slow down and some of the functions on the copier machine are outdated, that is when a business owner needs to see the importance of having a copier machine that will benefit the office. Like all office equipment, your copier machine will need to be replaced. Here are a few signs to look out for when evaluating your current copier machine.

Speed Related Issues

It is bad for business when your employees are idly waiting for their prints/copies to come out from the machine because it’s hurting your bottom line. The great thing about copiers is that they can be designed to take on a large workload just as long as they’ve been equipped with the right components. Unfortunately, if your copier wasn’t meant to take on that type of pressure, it could easily crumble leading to more jamming and backed-up print job orders. You also need to keep in mind that higher speed doesn’t necessarily mean better copy quality in some machines. So if your copier is not producing at the level you need it to stay efficient, then it is time to look into a new replacement.

Employees Are Voicing Their Opinion

There is a good chance that your employees have mentioned some problems with your current copier. Since they are using the machine fairly regularly, they’ve likely isolated some of the most serious problems they’ve had with the office copier. Before deciding to brush off their complaints, take another good look at your current copier and ask yourself if it’s hurting your bottom line.

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Technology Is Always Shifting

You can’t overlook the fact that technology is always changing for every industry. The functions on a copier that might have worked for you a few years ago are probably not the best way to run your business today. Newer technology is meant to make your daily operations go a lot faster so why wouldn’t you want to change into something that will improve performance. By embracing the technological changes, you allow yourself and your company to grow exponentially.

Toner And Parts Are Getting Hard To Find

If your copier vendor is telling you that toner and parts are getting harder and harder to find because the manufacturer has discontinued that model, then this should be a big sign that your copier needs to be replaced soon. Similar to smartphones, copiers are always evolving to meet the current demands of business offices. If you want to keep up with your competition, you will want to update your office copier.

Company Is Growing By Leaps and Bounds

While this next one might not be an immediate sign that your copier needs replacing, it is still one to keep in mind. Your office equipment could work perfectly fine for your current day-to-day operations. However, at a time of unexpected and exponential growth, some of the tools and technology you were currently accustomed to might not be able to hold for very long. Chances are you will have a bigger team and your production volume will increase. If you still think you can rely on your current copier to take on the extra workload then get ready to run into a lot more paper jams and downtime.

Advantages of Leasing Your Copier

Before you decide to purchase your new office copier machine outright, you might want to consider the benefits of leasing instead. You have to always keep in mind that technology is always changing and evolving at lightning speeds. New technological integrations and functions are being installed into copier machines every year allowing a business to streamline their workflow. Purchasing your office copier could end up hurting your production in the long run. It might be more beneficial to simply lease your office equipment so that you can upgrade your office equipment more often.

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