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The Best 5 Kyocera Copier Apps For A Productivity Booster

When it comes down to it, a copier copies and a printer prints, which is perfectly fine for most companies. Yes, some of these machines come with a few additional features such as scanning and faxing, but they all perform the same fundamental functions to generate and send out documents. When you only see your office equipment as nothing more than a way to crank out paper, then you really are overlooking your copiers greatest potential and missing out on even more office productivity.

With so many technological advances happening in the past few years, your modern-day copier carries more features and functionality. This is due to more software being embedded directly onto the copier, which allows developers to get more creative with their applications. If you have a modern-day copier, make sure to take advantage of these applications to increase productivity and save more money for your business.
While these next six apps are available to Kyocera Copiers only, we encourage you to look into other similar apps created by the manufacturer for your copier.

Ringdale FollowMe

FollowMe® from Ringdale is a software that allows you to monitor everything that moves through your office machine. This means you now get to see how many copies and printers are being made from each user and having them to authenticate themselves to release their print jobs. Its most often know as pull printing. For more on this topic, we recommend reading: The 4 Ways Pull Printing Might Benefit Your Business.
Here is a general outline:

  • Reduce print waste
  • Establish and enforce a print policy
  • Secure document release
  • Restrict printing for every single individual user or the whole department
  • Track and control all of your printing to gain analytic insight

Cloud Printing Enabled

With Kyocera Cloud Connect and Google Cloud Print, you will now be able to print and scan to and from the cloud. Gain quicker accesses to all the documents you need in your cloud account and print them from any network-connected copier in your office(s).

This also means that any Web-connected device such as your smartphone or tablet will be able to print to a Kyocera printer while using Cloud Print. It’s a much simpler process now because you don’t have to install a specific printer driver on your device. Just print and go. And, if you’re a big user of Evernote and Google Drive, you will now be able to scan your documents directly to these platforms while under Kyocera Cloud Connect.

Scan to File (or Workflow or Email)

PinPoint Scan 3 gives you an additional layer of protection by encrypting your scans from your copier to any email, folder, or program that supports PDF, TIF, or JPEG files. To give you quick access, users can now set up a one-touch, personalized button so that it sends your documents directly to a specific location. Additional security can be provided with a PIN or proximity card allowing you to authenticate yourself before a document is released. This helps avoid any unauthorized access.

Remote Device Management – Anywhere, Anytime

Instead of your IT person having to walk or drive to a specific device that isn’t working correctly, your IT person will now able to remote in to figure out the issue and either fix the issue right there and then or be more prepared on what will be needed to get you back up and running. Everything gets simplified under one dashboard so that you can monitor all of your network devices.

Connect To Document Management

As of right now, there are four popular document management products to choose from: Square 9, DocuWare, SharePoint, and OnBase. Quickly gain access to your document repository from your Copier control panel for easy printing. Whiting this application, you can also scan documents directly to the repository or into a business workflow to automate business productivity.

To the full list of Kyocera applications, please visit their website here. Take advantage of what your copier can do and boost office productivity.