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Print Rules That Create Savings And Reduces Waste

As a small business owner who is looking to cut cost in your production process, have you ever asked yourself just how much money you are spending on your daily print jobs? If you go through a lot of printing, the number might end up surprising you. Look, it is easy to say that your printing is only costing you a few pennies at a time, or even a fraction of a penny per print, however, industry research is showing that nearly half of all printed documents end up in the trash. Knowing this, wouldn’t it be better to streamline and build a more efficient way to manage your print jobs? Maybe it’s time to implement some print rules to save you some real money.

The Price You Pay For Uncontrolled Printing

Color print jobs can range anywhere from a few cents to 50 cents or more per page, depending on the printer and the contract agreement that was established between you and your copier vendor. The price will fluctuate due to your current lease rate, any desktop printers you added, and if you have a service contract (which are predetermined based on your usage). While you might be giving it a lot of time on deciding which printer will work best for your office, your employees won’t care or give it a second thought on how many pages they are printing, which leads to a lot more waste. Here are a few examples of how easy it can be to waste a print job:

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  • Printing web content, emails, or other pages that could have easily been viewed electronically.
  • Printing large formatted documents.
  • Printing documents in color when they are mostly in black and white (Ex: color signatures on emails).
  • Implementing rule-based print routing helps you eliminate this waste which brings down your printing costs.


How Managed Print Rules Save You Money

  • Reduce duplicate printing – There are very few instances where you will have to print a document twice or in bulk. Unfortunately, many employees still do this unintentionally costing your business money. With a print rule system in place, you will be able to reduce the number of times a document gets printed by notifying the user that the document has already been printed. It’s a nice feature to have especially when a project affects more than one team member.
  • Know where your money is going – Print rules also allow you to gain access to reports so you can analyze your companies printing habits. This type of insight allows you to monitor your employees so that in the event someone is doing a lot of printing, you can take the right steps to resolve this issue. Additionally, this is a great way to do an analysis on your business expenses were in the past all of this was just a big mystery to identify.
  • Print to the appropriate printer – Depending on the print rules you’ve implemented, you might also be able to use a print routing service side by side. This new technology gives you the opportunity to program your printer fleets so that they work together when deciding what printer should take on the initial print job task.

Learn More

Are you looking for ways to start saving money now? Give us a call today to find out how our team of professionals can help determine what rules you can create and apply for your business environment. Talk to one of Compare Business Systems representatives to start your path for smarter printing. Don’t forget to ask us about our free upgrade program for new customers that are currently under an existing lease program. If you are sick of having to deal with an unreliable copier or a copier dealer that isn’t taking care of you, then it’s time to switch over to Compare Business Systems, Inc.