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You Get What You Pay For With A Cheap Copier Contract

So you went ahead and found the copier vendor that offered you the lowest cost bid possible for the five copiers you’ve bought (or leased for the next 36 months). You held your position and played hardball the entire time just so you can get the best deal ever. In fact, you were so good that you practically made your sales rep nearly tear up the contract just moments away from signing just to prove how far you would go to get the best deal ever.

You’ve won, right…

But what exactly did you win?

You will feel like a champion when that first initial invoice comes in the following month, but here’s what you didn’t consider when you got that “great deal.” After six months of having your machine in your office, how often has your equipment been down? What kind of response time were you getting from your copier dealer during these times of crisis? You always need to keep in mind the level of quality and overall value you’re getting when you buy or lease your next copier machine.

A Cheap Deal Doesn’t Mean A Low-Cost Deal

Try to remember all the times you’ve bought the less-expensive model of something – blender, a cheap phone, vacuum cleaner, toaster… you know the ones we are talking about. Now try to remember just how quickly the turnaround time was to replace that lower-cost model. The reality is that you probably had to pay more when you could have saved yourself all that trouble by simply buying the higher-quality product, to begin with.
Look, we get it. People just love getting bargain deals because it makes them feel like they got something for practically nothing. However, when it comes to business, a great deal is one that offers long-term value rather than a short-term thrill. Here are a few things to look out for when the price is the driving factor:

The Old Bait And Switch

More often than not, a low up-front cost usually leaves you open to higher add-ons down the road. And, as we mentioned earlier, a “great deal” of a contract usually leads to lost productivity and higher maintenance costs.

Get A Newer/Better Copier For Free Without Spending A Penny More

Did You Consider Company Needs Before Price

As you scoured the internet to find the best possible price, was this particular dealer looking out for your best interests by asking questions regarding your business goals, priorities, and document output needs? If not, then you probably ended up with a copier machine with a low-volume printing capacity that is struggling to keep up with your high-volume demands. Different copiers are designed for different tasks so if your equipment provider didn’t even bother to tell you about this, then they aren’t looking out for your business goals.


A good piece of equipment is essential for a smooth workflow output from your employees. This means that you need to find an office equipment that best matches your business needs and goals. Once you have a solid machine for your office, make sure to pair it with a provider that offers quality service.

Service After The Deal Is Done

When it comes to productivity and efficiency in the office, regular maintenance care for your office equipment tends to get overlooked. With so many moving parts, cogs, and gears moving in these machines, how can you not expect them to break at one point or another? Any time that your equipment stops working, whether it be a simple paper jam or a complete shutdown, your office productivity suffers.

Going back to the copier dealer you strong armed for the best deal, remember they have to make money too. A great deal for you may lead to extra charges in your service agreement or possibly cutting corners when it comes to parts and supplies. Again it’s good that your trying to be mindful about what you’re paying, but don’t trip over a dollar just to pick up a penny.

When you finally get out of your “great deal” of a contract and start looking for your next office equipment don’t lead with “What’s it going to cost me!!!” You will be better off thinking about the overall value the equipment and service that comes with it for the duration of your contract. 

The Next Step

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