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Making Your First Copier Lease Agreement Experience A Painless One

So your business is growing and even though it is impossible to predict the future, you are confident that your team is going to need better resources to get to where you’re hoping to be soon. One thing that can’t be put on the backburner is the quality of work. Maintaining a high level of quality is something that is very important when growing your business. You don’t want to be producing much more than you can offer with lower standard and products.

A Copier That Can Keep Up With Your Company

What you need is something that is going to allow your work space to keep up with your growing business as well offer you and your team the finest quality with the work you do. Did you ever think about how much you use a copier? How much printing and copying and scanning does your business do in just one day? If you’re starting to realize that this piece of machinery is something your business is a bit dependent on, then maybe it’s time to look into copier machines and leasing options.

It’s not just about printing small things on a regular basis, but being able to successfully copy and scan important files that you need immediately. Don’t slow down the way your business works just because you’re not equipped with the appropriate machine for your office.

Be Forward With Your Copier Vendor

Once you start looking into copier vendors, it’s time to look into the copier machine itself and everything that comes with it. While there are many copier machines that you can choose, quality has to be a huge, deciding factor in which model to get. Another piece of the puzzle is your lease agreement. Remember to do your research once you’ve decided on a model and type, then you can bring in a list of what accessories and maintenance concerns you may have. This list will be one of the best ways to show your copier vendor exactly what you’re looking for and what the best aspects for your lease agreement will be as well. Make sure to come in with a clear vision of what you’re looking for and what to look out for. Don’t fall into any mistakes or traps that can prolong your lease unnecessarily or put you in a hard place a couple months into the lease.

Get A Newer/Better Copier For Free Without Spending A Penny More

Read The Fine Print Before Signing

One thing that can really become a hassle through the leasing process is some or any hidden fees that you may not be counting on. While most leases are straight forward and your copier vendor has all the smaller details about your agreement, knowing a little bit of the copier lingo will help you create your perfect leasing agreement. And while perfection sometimes isn’t the most obtainable, at least knowing that you’re getting everything you are looking for in your copier and copier agreement should be your main objective.

Remember To Talk About Fees

Do your best to do research on what kind of insurance fees you might need to ensure that your new equipment is taken care of as part of your office space. Ask your copier vendor about any delivery fees before you set a date to get your copier to your office space. Sometimes there can be fees that become your responsibility to take of, which sometimes are easy to miss in the small print of your lease agreement. Some copier vendors can even waive delivery fees and put it in your agreement when you first sign or before you choose your copier delivery date.

Returning An Old Copier Back To The Leasing Company

There can also be an option that would help you out if you do already have a copier and need assistance getting it out of your office space before or on the same day that you get your new copier. Ask your copier vendor about options and fees that they may have when assisting to return your old copier to its leasing company. Some vendors sometimes throw it in with your delivery service that same day! It is a great advantage to take a hold of, since the last thing you want to be doing after getting a brand new copier is worrying about your old one. Once you have that taken care of, you’ll be able to enjoy your new copier in your office space without worry or stress about delivery and your old machine.

Look For A Vendor That’s Looking Out For Your Best Interest

Knowing what you should be asking for with the signing of your lease is one of the best things you can do when making such a big decision for your work place. Sometimes there are a lot of hidden fees and language in the small print that make it more difficult to get the most out of your lease agreement. But if you are smart about your decisions and do your research, this could be a great asset for your business and growth. Choose your copier vendor wisely and make sure that their mission is to take care of you as a customer and help your business in the best way they can.

Final Thoughts

If you are still a little more guidance on what your copier needs to have make sure to contact one of our copier specialists today so that we can perform a quick print assessment. For those business owners that already leasing their copier but wish they had something better for the same price, we encourage you to check out our “Copier Free Upgrade Program” for business owners that qualify. We really do get you something better without spending a penny more. Check out our link below to learn more and how to start the pre-qualifying process. Lastly, for our Orange County and Los Angeles County communities, if you are a new business that’s looking for a copier that is a little more economical, we also have a Copier Starter Package Promotion for business owners who qualify. To learn more on each of these programs and promotions, click on the following links below or give one of our specialists a call today.

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