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5 Ways Multifunction Office Printers Are Improving Productivity

When you hear the words office, chances are that you are picturing printers, scanners, and a standard copier. What business owners don’t see is that one multifunction printer can drastically improve office productivity because it helps remove the workflow bottleneck effect. With a multifunction printer, you can complete a wide array of everyday office tasks. With an ever-evolving office environment, you need to make sure that your technology is also changing with you.

Multifunction Solutions

Every year, new features in a multifunction printer make the office environment that much easier to organize your daily task (Big or small). From reducing printing waste to digital workflow strategies to money saving solutions, these multifunction printers are well worth their weight in investment. Here is why:

Multifunction Printers Reduce Your Overhead

Most typical offices will have an array of office machines that are bundled together in a corner, closet, desk, or any other available space. However, when you purchase a multifunction printer all of those individual machines are put into one which ends up saving you thousands of dollars. These savings also comes from minimizing the maintenance and upkeep that are associated with each individual office machine and eliminating some bulky features like a fax machine if you don’t send out a lot of faxes. You should also be mindful of the significant time wasted when several separate machines have to be installed. With a multifunction printer, you will drastically reduce your installation time and complications, leaving your employees to focus on workflow and productivity rather than the constant disruption.

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Multifunction Printers Bring In-House Printing Solutions

It becomes time-consuming and tedious to drive to your local office store for printing and copying. You only go to your office store when you have to print massive quantities which you cannot be done with your a small printer machine. However, when you’re dealing with your daily operations, having an in-house multifunction machine becomes convenient and time-saving. Look at it as turning your multifunction printer into an all-in-one printing station that boosts productivity and alleviates stress. With a multifunction printer you will be able to produce high-quality prints, have a consistent copy production, have a professional finish with solutions like stapling, and much more.

Multifunction Printers Provide Paperless Solutions

Any opportunity that you get to go paperless is a fantastic idea. Not only is this a win for the environment but also a win for your company as it makes you more efficient at storing and filling. Modern imaging technology goes beyond printing and copying. Now you can save files to a flash drive, send them to an email, or even upload your files directly to a cloud storage platform. This is very important if you are dealing with sensitive information on a regular basis and fear that this information might be leaked if you happen to forget to pick it up from the copier. You can also easily automate the whole process which will save you time and effort.

Multifunction Printers Are Extraordinarily Efficient

A good multifunction printer will optimize workflow and reduce congestions. They act as a one-stop-shop for employees who are looking to complete all document handling tasks in one convenient location in the office. Instead of having to shuffle between multiple printers, scanners, and their work station everything can flow more effectively through the use of cloud-based sharing, smartphone connectivity, USB functions. Furthermore, with a multifunction printer, you can reduce your energy usage, reduce the use of consumables, leading to a more eco-friendly workplace.

Multifunction Printers Free Up Office Space

Let’s face it; most offices aren’t known to be overly spacious so every square foot counts when your business starts to grow. Wasted space ends up costing you in your lease bill, in the energy exerted to perform a task, and hinders you in accomplishing more. A good multifunctional printer will take up as little space as possible while providing as much value as possible for your business. It’s also good to mention that when you eliminate all the clutter, you are also organizing your workspace. An organized workspace can quickly boost employee morale, helps you focus better on your tasks, and ultimately leads to more office productivity.

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