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What To Look For During Your First Copier Lease Agreement

When you’re leasing a copier machine there are a lot of things that can come up throughout the length of your agreement. Some of those things can sometimes be potential user error, but other times it could be something completely out of your control. During the beginning process of getting into your lease agreement there are a lot of minor things throughout the contract that you may not realize could be of use in the future.

Sometimes it is best to do a little research about what terms and conditions are best fitted to your office usage, and it never hurts to know what some of those terms mean as well. There can also be some hidden fees that can start to accumulate when it comes to things such as delivery, set up, and maintenance. Knowing what the terms are within your copier agreement will also help you decide exactly what kind of copier commitment is right for you.

It may seem like there are a lot of legal terms and conditions within the fine print that look scary and intimidating, but it actually isn’t as bad as it looks! Make sure to openly ask all the questions you have and never be afraid to raise your hand and ask for exactly what you’re looking for!

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What It Means To Get Your First Copier

Knowing that you need a copier and that it will really help the growth of your office space is something that creates a good feeling. It’s nice to know that your business needs will be taken care of and that production values never has to be compromised because of necessity. A copier machine within your office space can really get things flowing in the direction that you’re looking to get to. Once you’ve decided that a copier is exactly what you’re looking for and your copier vendor has helped you pick out the perfect model, it’s time for some more logistics.

The Copier Agreement

Knowing from the get go exactly what you’re looking for and what you need within your copier agreement contract is something that not many people go into these meetings knowing. Most business owners trust that their vendors are giving them the best agreement possible, but how is that certain if you’re not sure what is going on within the contract. Make sure to know what kind of maintenance agreement you are looking for within the duration of your copier agreement.

General Questions To Ask And Your Options

Are you going to be using the copier non-stop at top capacity every single day? Are you going to mostly be printing larger projects but throughout a less frequent time frame? Once you’ve answered these questions it will be easier to talk to your copier vendor about the maintenance agreement that’s right for you. Sometimes there is an option in which your copier vendor may also be able to provide a maintenance plan that entails all the maintenance needed and including supplies that you may possibly need.

Let’s Talk Toner

Toners and extra features and accessories such as staples are also things that you may need down the line and would be nice to have included in some part of your agreement. When you think about the amount of printing your office space will be doing, just think about how much toner you will be using for those prints. Are you going to need color toners or just the simple black and white prints? These are great things to bring up when it comes to putting the finishing touches to your copier lease agreement.

The Little Things Can Be Big

Knowing the smaller logistics that you may think aren’t important to think about or even mention before the lease is put together, are actually things that could really benefit you throughout the duration of your lease whether it’s a smaller or longer leasing period. Sometimes the things that you may not think it is important to know are really the ones that actually matter. In the case of your copier agreement it is something that could really change the dynamics between loving your copier machine and being absolutely miserable about it. A copier lease can sometimes be up to five years, and wouldn’t you rather cover all your bases throughout that lease rather than realizing you need more from your lease agreement.

A Long Term Investment

It is never wrong to bring up your concerns and exactly what you need and are looking for. This is a commitment for a long period of time for a piece of equipment that is centered within your office space. It is not something that you can just switch up after a few weeks, and while maybe a trial run would be very convenient; it isn’t something that is usually readily available for an option. Create the office space that will make your business grow and add the copier and lease agreement that will add to that dynamic and not take away from it.

In Case You Are Already Stuck In A Contract And Want Out

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