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Your Copier And How Important It Is To Your Place Of Business

The concept of “you get what you pay for”, seems to be all over the place in our daily lives. It is the principle that no matter what you’re thinking that you’re getting, you’re getting what you pay for. Whether that’s over or under the budget you set out for whatever it may be, what you pay for is generally the outcome you’re going to get.

Quantity or Quality

Sometimes you may think you’re getting an absolute steal, but other times you may think you’re getting completely ripped off. This all falls into the category of quality v. quantity. How much are you willing to exceed your budget to make sure that you’re getting top of the line service or goods without breaking the bank? On the other hand, it can also become a matter of how much money you can save without completely compromising quality too much. While you may be aware of some of the risk of getting lower payments and lower rates for your purchases, there is also no need to spend too much money on a service that may not be worth all of it.

A Good Copier Matters To A Business

So how does this concept apply to your copier machine lease? One of the biggest aspects of a copier lease agreement always seems to come down to price. What the cost will be for the lease month to month, what any additional fees will look like to return your old copier machine, or even what a maintenance or supply agreement may look like to be added to your lease. It’s something that revolves around every decision, so how do you make the right one? One of the best ways to understand this concept in correlation with your copier machine is to remember that this piece of equipment is for the benefit of your business and with that it may be best to get the quality that you are looking for in a machine instead of just looking to save a pretty penny. But how do you get the best bang for your buck without breaking the bank?

Get A Newer/Better Copier For Free Without Spending A Penny More

Good Copiers Doesn’t Always Mean Expensive

One of the biggest myths when buying a copier machine is that you really can’t get a quality machine for a decent price. While sometimes there are more benefits to a newer, more upgraded model, your copier machine should not have to break the bank to be a help to your everyday office operations. There are always pros and cons to the different kinds of machines you can get based on budget, and while the pros seem to get longer as the price goes up it isn’t always what is best for you. Depending on what kind of daily operations your business has, there is a machine out there for you within your budget.

Your Copier Dealer Should Be There To Help

It is always wise to talk to your copier vendor about the opportunities that may arise close to your current lease ending, or when you are thinking of upgrading your machine. Upgrading your copier machine from your current lease to a brand new copier lease is a great way to upgrade machines at a great price! Not only will your copier vendor be able to let you know what your machine options look like, but rather what they look like within the budget that you already have. If you want to spend more money with a lease on a nicer machine, that is also an option.

An Upgrade In Accessories

Look at the qualities that your current machine has, that you may want to keep for your new machine, while also looking at what you don’t like about your current machine that you would like to see changed with your newer one. There is also the possibility of adding accessories to your new machine that you may have been wanting in your current machine. There are many aspects to look at when thinking of accessories: supplemental printing drawers, pin point scanning, color quality, and printing speed. Depending on your type of business, you may have certain qualities and accessories that outweigh the rest. These may sound like a giant additional cost to your already upgraded machine, but they can actually be quite affordable and not as pricey when looking at the bigger picture.

Final Thoughts

It may feel like you’re doing just fine with your current copier and there is no need to start the venture into thinking about a newer machine. But one thing to remember is that your business is ever growing and will most likely start to outgrow your current machine if it is not keeping up the demands of higher volumes of work or not having accessories that you may now need. Think about where your business is going and what your office space needs will be when it comes to a copier machine. It is always a good peace of mind to know that your office equipment is reliable and able to maneuver through the new challenges your business will be tackling!

Compare Your Current Copier Vendor To Us

If you feel like your copier vendor or your copier machine isn’t matching up to your expectations, then consider contacting one of our copier specialist. We’ve helped multiple business owners get out of their current copier lease early because they were getting the top level service they deserve. These smart business owners took advantage of our Copier Free Upgrade Program because we were able to give them something better without spending a penny more. If you need help or would like to get out of your current copier contract and get into a better one, then contact us today. We look forward to helping you. Lastly, for our Orange County and Los Angeles County communities, if you are a new business that’s looking for a copier that is a little more economical, we also have a Copier Starter Package Promotion for business owners who qualify. To learn more on each of these programs and promotions, click on the following links below or give one of our specialists a call today.

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