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The Importance Of Secure Printing For Law Firms

With the exception of a few government and financial organizations in the U.S., law firms are one of the few companies that generate more confidential information than any other industry. This is because client information and case records need to be readily available to the right people while still protecting sensitive information from public view. That being said, when documents need to be physically printed, what measures are you taking to prevent other people from accidentally picking up your sensitive information? We ask this because more often than not, you have more than one person printing and the chances of your files getting accidentally mixed up with theirs are fairly high. As a legal firm, you should be doing everything possible to protect your client’s information – which includes both papers and digital files. To do so, you need to equip your employees with the proper tools so they can properly handle private and confidential information.

What Is Secure Printing?

One of the best ways to maintain the integrity of sensitive information is through the use of secure printing software. The way it works is fairly simple – the person who originally generated the document for printing must identify themselves at the printer through a PIN, ID badge, or some other form of identification before the printing can begin. This ensures that your private documents are always kept confidential and eliminates any possibility of your documents being shuffled or picked up by an unauthorized viewer. It is then the responsibility of the person who printed those documents to pick them up from the tray and us the files as needed.

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Why Your Legal Firms Need Secure Printing

Law firms that are constantly active will have a steady flow of confidential information coming in every day. The type of sensitive information will usually range from tax information, insurance details, medical records, personal financial data, criminal background checks, evidence, and more. To put it into perspective, you will probably have an easier time listing all the non-confidential files than the confidential ones. You have to remember that it is not just your fir’s choice to keep your information safe and secure; it is now your legal obligation to do so. Having a vital tool such as secure printing software will provide you with that peace of mind that your documents are secure the entire time.

How Secure Print Storage Works

When secure printing installed and actively used, your documents go will first get stored in a virtual print queue. Your print queue will usually be located on a secure server in your place of business. This is probably also a good time to mention that if you want to have secure print implemented, you will need to also review the location of your servers and determine if the network infrastructure will be secure enough to manage your secure print process. Once this has been set up, it’s all a matter of walking over to your MFP and entering your credentials to retrieve your document.

Personal Printers or Secure Printing Software

You always have the option of bringing in personal printers for each of your employees in the office. This is a viable option if your law firm is still in its infant stages of development where there are only a few people on staff. Having a private printer will guarantee that your documents are properly disturbed to the authorized user in the same way that secure printing does it for individual users entering their PIN. However, as your firm continues to grow and mature, it will get more expensive trying to keep up with supplies such as toner to keep your operations running smoothly.

How To Get Secure Printing On Your MFP

When it comes to getting secure print on your multifunction printer, it just comes down to whether or not your preferred copier vendor offers that service. There are a few other routes you can take to gain secure printing but that usually involves hiring a network engineer. If you are interested in gaining all these functionalities, make sure to contact one of our professionals today. 

Other Options

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