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The Cyber Security Weak Points Of A Copier

Printers, Copiers, and other peripheral network devices have never really been a huge threat to organizations in the past. This is because most hackers have gone after servers or user accounts. However, with more technological advances happening every year we have started to see a rise in security breaches with endpoint devices. This is because every device is now exposed to all kinds of network-attached devices. This has resulted in multimillion-dollar lawsuits and damaged business reputations. This is why business can no longer afford to overlook print when it comes to their cybersecurity strategy. The reality is that printers are posing to be the weakest link write now in most organizations because they are connected to a production environment that a hacker can quickly access if they know what they are doing.

And while you might have spent a pretty penny to have all of your networks closed, people tend to overlook their printer’s. Be aware that printers don’t have ways to defend themselves against malware. Essential, it’s like dead bolting the front door, but leaving your window half-open. This leaves you vulnerable to having your bank information stolen, having your customer’s private information stolen, or possibly infecting your entire network with malware just to name a few. This is because hackers are starting to look at the other points of entry that have been overlooked due to low priorities. Printers security flaws need to be seen as threats that can emerge at any time impacting not just one person but the whole organization.

Once a hacker is in your network, they now have access to information like credit card records or medical records. This means that your customer’s data has now been jeopardized without an organization’s knowledge all because of an unsecured printer.

The takeaway here is that organizations need to be aware that any device connected to their network must be made secure. Be mindful that cybersecurity is not just a onetime deal. As drivers continue to change cybercriminals are always on the prowl for any loopholes that will let them into your private network. The risk will always be there just as long as we continue to grow in the digital world.