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The 5 Ways Document Management Systems is Helping Your Medical Practice

There should be no questions that the main goal for a healthcare provider is to serve their patients, however, their facilities are still a business and should be managed like one. Just like a business, you also need to streamline your operations while maximizing your cost-efficiency through your document management system. This not only benefits your business but your patients.

It’s normal for a heal care facility to run a lot of documents, but it doesn’t have to feel like you’re always drowning in paperwork. That being said, if you are starting to feel like you are quickly running out of storage space due to all your patient records, using a single document management system might be the answer. Not only will it help free up space in your office but also make your practice run more smoothly. Take a look at the four ways a document management system will benefit your medical office beyond just keeping track of patient information.

Streamline Record Keeping

With so much information coming in and out of healthcare facilities, it can easily become a challenge to find what you are looking for when you have a paper-based system. I’m sure that by now you can picture tones of folders tacked together and an overflowing filing cabinet. However, when you implement a document management system, you will have quicker access to patent records, eliminating the need to dig through a sea paper files just to find a crucial piece of information about your patients. Some DMS allow you to send records to specific providers and have the capability to work with any EMR (Electronic Health Record) program your current using at your facility. Just think about what you can do when you can fully search and find the information you are looking for with just a few quick keystrokes.

A Seamless Billing Process

It is a time-consuming process for your administration team to hunt down and collect a payment, but it is a necessary task for any organization. With a document management system in place, you will be able to scan and record any claims, explanation of benefits (or EOB’s for short), statements, checks, and any other supporting payment information. Having these types of documents easily accessible and searchable online will allow your personnel to easily find them at a moment’s notice, which can result in a shorter billing cycle.

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Fast And Easy Admissions Process

Your front desk personnel can easily get overwhelmed with the influx of patients that come in every day. You can ease some of that stress using a document management system that allows you to turn patient documents into a digital record. Take advantage of scanning and uploading files like driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and lab results in one location for quick access. Once you’ve digital backed up a copy of their documents, your employees can search for and retrieve them within a few seconds, speeding up the check-in process.

Compatibility Among All Systems

There is a high chance that you will be using a few different computer programs while managing your practice. To be effective and efficient at your practice, you will need these devices to work together to help your staff stay organized. The great thing about most document management programs today is that they can integrate perfectly with EMR’s, practice management, coding, accounting, and other various programs. Last but not least, the files storage formats don’t have to be proprietary which means that you can still access them in the future, regardless of the systems your practice has in place.

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