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Wondering How To Convert To A Paperless Office?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people that haven’t jumped on to the “paperless” movement? We get that some people just love paper – how it feels in their hand, the texture, and maybe even some satisfaction that they can hold it in their hand. However, in corporate America, choosing to go paperless may be related to more practical reasons. Without a document management system in place very little can be done to improve workflow capabilities. Then you have those that are hindered due to compliance or regulatory requirements. It’s understandable if you fall in these two categories but if you just fear change, then you have an internal problem.

The Paper Paralysis Affect

No matter how much you want to fantasize about the idea of having a paperless office, the truth is that there will always be some legal requirements that will continue to force some paper usage. To get over this hump, we need to get over two assumptions.

First, you need to get over the inner voice that keeps telling you that it’s just easier to keep things the way they are because that’s just how you’ve done business since you opened shop. Second, if you do move forward with a paperless office, be prepared that not everyone will be on board with the switch. So how do you start this paper detox? Well, you first need to look at companies that offer document management systems, hardware, software, or consulting services to help you move to an electronic communication system.

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The Beauty of Going Paperless

The most obvious reason why businesses are going paperless is that it lessens your organizations’ environmental impact. Additionally, not only are you reducing your paper consumption, but it will also streamline your business’s operations. When you digitize your documents, it allows everyone to easily and instantly retrieve information without leaving their desk. Having your documents digitized means that you can access your documents anytime, anywhere. Another great thing about a paperless office means that you will reduce your operations costs, facilitate better collaborations, and simplify any disaster recoveries. Last, but not least, paperless organizations will have more control over their digital documents through internal security features.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before The Transition

  • Will there be a lot of paper that needs to be converted? Do you know how far back you want to go in converting paper files?
  • Do you have a plan of action for vendors, partners, or customers that are still sending you hard copies? How about the documents that you can’t convert like legal or tax-related forms?
  • When informing your employees, what will be the process that you will take so they will accept the transition more easily and avoid sliding back to heavy paper use?
  • Do you plan on getting some outside help for this? (For those that have a massive amount of documents, hiring a consultant to manage the conversion process might be the best option)?
  • Do you have something in place that will help you reduce paper usage on an ongoing basis? For instance, who’s responsibility will it be to scan and electronically file your physical files?

Transitioning to Digital Takes Time

Going paperless isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight. Transforming your company into a digital platform involves a significant investment in the right equipment and ecosystem. This means that any document that needs to be digitized – such as records, contracts, communication, tax forms, etc. – requires a robust document scanning solution. Here is where the right multifunction printer comes in handy. Multifunction printers (or MFP’s) can print, copy, scan, and fax documents. This is a great alternative if you want your organization to go paperless.

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