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Buyers Guide To Choosing The Right MFP

It can feel like a daunting task having to choose a multifunction printer simply because you have a wide selection of models to choose from in our current market. A Multifunction Printers (or MFP’s) will ultimately be your all-in-one machine that will handle all of your business printing, copying, scanning, and distribution needs. You also have to remember that these office workhorses are a big investment for your company. This can be an overwhelming task even for the most experienced owner. The good news is that the experts at Compare Business Systems, Inc. are here ready and waiting to give you the best possible advice in finding the right machine for your company. In the meantime, we wanted to share a few tips on how to find and purchase the right multifunction printer for your office space.

Ask yourself the following questions before you decide to purchase your multifunction printer.

What are your needs?

Will your company be doing large print volumes each month? Is your company big on creating full-color pamphlets, booklets, or fliers? How many users do you anticipate having access to your printer? Is stapling and hole-punching important for your financial department to create their reports? Ask yourself these questions to narrow down what must be included in your multifunction printer.

What are your wants?

After you’ve clearly defined your needs, start to envision what your company could do if they had some of the additional technological features. Most modern MFPs now come with some great features that will significantly speed up your productivity. To hone in on your wants, ask your employees to describe their “dream machine.” While this might raise the initial price of the printer, you have to remember that a more productive workforce will drive costs down over time.

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What’s Your Cost of Operations?

The cost associated with an MFP’s is not always black and white. You need to check your cost of service, supplies, warranties, and the history of reliability. You also have to consider the level of service you will be getting to maintain your system. As a certified Kyocera Copystar dealer, Compare Business Systems only provides OEM parts and supplies. Other smaller vendors will only provide you with lower quality, aftermarket parts, and supplies which will adversely affect the warranty. You also need to know the length of the warranty (30 days, 90 days, 3 years). Make sure that you are looking at the fine print before signing a lease agreement to make sure that there are no hidden fees.

What are Third-Party Reviews Saying?

While the manufacturer’s specs are a good recourse to look at, make sure that you are also consulting independent testing agencies. The more you know about your MFP of choice the better you will be able to distinguish the advantages of one brand over another.

Is it easy to use?

Some MFPs can be hard to set-up and even harder to fully train someone on how to use them. This might end up costing you in the long run because you won’t be taking full advantage of your device. Look for intuitive controls and easily accessible documents and support.

Do you need a multifunction Printer or Multitasking Printer?

A multifunction printer has the capability of handling multiple jobs, but they have to be done on a “first come, first served” basis. This means that a user might need to wait until someone else’s job is fully done. Multitask printers, on the other hand, can complete different jobs simultaneously allowing all employees to work simultaneously. This means that you will prevent delays and bottlenecks when multiple users or departments decide to share the device at the same time.

Will your MFP be Secure?

Just like any other device that you bring into your network, your MFP must be able to make your documents secure. You also need to remember that your business is always growing so scalability in security needs to be a big concern.

Software, Support, and Solutions

Your copier vendor should be able to tell you what compatible software and solutions are available on your MFP. If you have a certain program that just needs to work with your MFP, make sure that you address your concerns.

Finding the right office equipment that will meet all of your company’s needs is important. This is why it’s crucial to find a vendor that is both knowledgeable in the industry and has a firm grasp on your organization’s needs and wants. Compare Business Systems, Inc. has been around for well over 30+ years in business with a high customer satisfaction rate. Our Kyocera Copystar products may be top-notch but it is our customer service that defines our company. This is because we are always looking to bring more value to our customers. 

More Options

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