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5 Areas To Look At When Choosing An MFP For Your Law Firm

A multifunction printer is a critical component for any growing law firm as it allows you to produce paper files, make copies, scan case files into an electronic format, bate stamps, and provide document management. Similar to any other growing company, however, business owners also need to weigh in just how much room this machine will take up in their office. So how exactly do you go about finding a printer for law office when you have a hundred options to pick from? Start by considering some of the following features and capabilities:

Output Speed

Your multifunction printer (or MFP for short) has to be capable of keeping up with your daily volume usage while still providing quality documents. Additionally, your MFP should allow you to print on various paper sizes since some case files will be larger than others. Make sure that you are reviewing these options with your potential vendor. Our standard recommendation for copiers or multifunction printers is a 60 to 80 pages per minute machine for law firms due to the high volume output.

Scanning Capacity

More often than not, case files and legal documents, such as evidence files, come in large stacks. Having to then scan each one of these documents can be time-consuming and a lost productivity day. Make sure that your scanning functionality is robust enough to take on large scanning jobs. Last, but not least, with the appropriate software, you should be able to streamline the process of scanning to a document management systems.

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Document Management System

It becomes conveniently easy and efficient to gain access to critical client information when you convert your case files into an electronic format. With the proper setup, searching and modifying existing information within your document management system will become much simpler. Additionally, if you happen to store your information via the cloud, you will also gain access to these documents through your mobile devices such as your tablet or smartphone.

Compliance Standard

Laws and regulations are always changing so it is important that your multifunction printer is helping you meet requirements versus being a liability due to sensitive data being passed around each day.  Even incorporating something as simple as private print will reduce the risk of abandoned document being left in the tray where anyone can pick it up. Additionally, having your hard drive wiped or erased properly once it is ready for recycling is good practice to prevent a data breach.

Document Storage

More often than not, your case file will take up a lot of storage making you store them off-site. This means that you have to pay some hefty monthly fees to a third-party provider. And with so many case files coming in every month, law firms simply forget just how much money they spend on off-site document storage. Here is where having a multifunctional printer and devices that are capable of scanning and sending sizable files to your document management system come in handy. You can now say goodbye to your off-site storage facility and any cost that came with it.

Next Step

As your law firm continues to grow, you need to make sure that you are taking some proactive steps to reduce paper waste and increase office productivity. Why not choose a multifunction printer that gives you all of this and more. Contact one of our professionals today so that we can help find the best suitable copier machine that will meet all of our law firm’s needs. And if you recently purchased a machine but quickly found out that you got a lemon or you just don’t like their customer service, we encourage you to take advantage of our free copier upgrade program for new customers. Ask one of our specialists for more details.