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Should You Buy Or Lease A Copier For Your Growing Business

Picture this: your business is booming and so is your work load, your employees are starting to crank out more and more papers full of new business and they need the technology to keep up with them. Now, you might be thinking; what kind of technology would really help my team put their best work forward? Something that most people don’t even think about, a copy machine. The one piece of office equipment that will help create, send, and copy paperwork and materials that are essential for your business. A copier sounds complicated to get, and most of the time it can be a pretty penny to get one. But don’t forget, there are actually many options when it comes to getting that essential piece of office equipment.

There is the obvious option of buying a copy machine, which is evidently expensive and limits a lot of your options based on your budget. Did you know that you can lease a copier for your business for a set amount of time? Yes that’s right, you sign a lease for a copy machine and have it installed at your office and make monthly payment installments for everything from a year to 5 years. So how does it work? Let’s look at some of the details of the how, and also things to look for so you get the best deals for you and your growing business.

Why You Should Lease

One of the things that most business owners are unaware of is, that by leasing your copy machine you open yourself up to many different options to help business. Leasing a copier can come with many additions, including maintenance and supplies. Some copier vendors even have options that include a set amount of copies, including color copies, which can sometimes be more expensive because of the added toners. Not only will added maintenance make your life a little easier, it will give your staff peace of mind to know that when there is an issue with the machine it is not life or death.

Getting A Copier Contract

Looking at your needs, as a business is important when deciding what kind of lease you would like to pursuit. That will determine how long of a lease you should go into, as well as how big of an extensive and inclusive contract you will need as your business grows. Besides having an inclusive contract, this kind of lease can also allow for a lower monthly payment for your copier if there is a budget constraint.

Upgrading Options

Another aspect that convinces people to pursue this type of lease is the potential of being able to upgrade with the same copier vendor towards the end of your lease, that is if you liked enjoyed your whole copier experience with them. Not only can you upgrade to a newer, more advanced copier, but sometimes you can get a better rate when it is an upgrade. Stay in contact with your copier vendor towards the end of your lease to see what options they have for you! Upgrading is one of best benefits of leasing a copier.

Get A Newer/Better Copier For Free Without Spending A Penny More

Copier Free Upgrade Program  Copier Starter Package Promotion

Free Upgrade Program

Since we are on the topic of upgrading, we also wanted to make sure that all of our future customers are aware of our “Free Upgrade Program” for business owners that qualify. As advertised we will upgrade your current office copier to something better or newer without spending a penny more. We’ll cover this topic a bit more at the very end.

What is Capital Lease

There is also the option of a capital lease, which is a great option if you see your business growing extensively and you see keeping and owning the machine indefinitely. This type of lease will let your payment installments count towards owning the machine after your lease is over. When you opt-in for this option, your copier vendor will put you in a $1 buyout contract so that when your lease reaches maturity you will purchase your machine for…well a dollar.

The Pros Of A Capital Lease

These leases do tend to have a more expensive monthly payment compared to the first option mentioned, but if you see your machine as being a critical piece of equipment for your business than it can be the best option in the long run. This is sometimes an easier option for those that want to purchase a machine to keep, but do not want the burden or don’t have the budget to shell out thousands of dollars all at once. This allows for monthly payments to still be made, and depending on your copier vendor it could still include a maintenance contract of some kind.

The Cons Of A Capital Lease

It is a great investment in the long run, even if it can be a bit more expensive at the beginning. However, we also like to remind you that whenever you purchase a copier machine at the end of the lease you’ll have a copier that can no longer be updated. On top of that you also run the risk of paying more for parts as they become harder to find. This is because the manufacturer stops making those models and can only be acquired by taking it off another copier machine. Additionally, after a few more years most copiers will no longer be able to support your network.

Final Thoughts

The moral of the story is that leasing a copier is something that can highly benefit your business, help your staff grow in their work, and create a productive atmosphere for everyone. There are a multitude of options when it comes to leasing, from short and long term ventures to eventually owning your equipment. Upgrading your machine is not just something to look forward to, but it is something that you can do at any time depending on your copier vendor. Talk to one of our copier representatives today and explore all your options!
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