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Knowing When To Upgrade Your Copier In Los Angeles

So you’re unhappy with your current copier but you’re stuck in a long-term copier lease, guess you’re out of luck right? Wrong! There are many options for you when you’re in a current copier lease and not happy with your equipment. Of course, it is important to really think about whether your current copier machine is an older model or if you’re having issues with a model that is already the best in its class. If you’re in the need for an copier upgrade, it is always a good idea to look into newer models that have the latest technology for what you and your business need. If your copier machine is already a newer model, then maybe it could be a question of switching up your manufacturer or maybe even your copier vendor. Whatever situation you find yourself in, the good thing to know is that there is a way out and into a better situation!

Knowing When It’s Time To Upgrade

If you’re currently in a copier lease and feel like your copier is just getting older and struggles to keep up with your current document needs, then it might be time for an upgrade. While that sounds scary to upgrade your machine while your current lease is still ongoing, this process is rather quite normal in the copier industry. Your copier should be able to keep up with every new aspect of your business and sometimes that means that it needs to work faster and have more advanced technology.

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Know The Facts

Letting your copier hold your work flow back is not something that a growing business needs to flourish and put their best work forward. It is always smart to do your research and know the details of your copier so that you can know what you like about it, and what you would like improvement and advancement in. There are many details in a copier that can be modified to personalize every aspect to fit your workload and exactly what your business needs and is expected to need in those years where your lease will fall into. Talk to your copier vendor to see what steps you need to take to upgrade your copier at the best time convenient for you!

Read The Fine Print

One of the stickier aspects of getting out of a copier lease is the finer details. There is a legal paperwork when it comes to any lease, and that includes your copier lease. It is always good to have a copy of your lease agreement and understand what the terms are. Learn what kind of agreement and lease you’re in, and just how long. It’s easy to talk to your copier vendor, or even a new one, about upgrading at any point to upgrade you a new and improved version. One thing to look out for is if there are any certain amount of days in which you need to give your vendor notice about either breaking your lease or upgrading. Sometimes in a long term lease, it does come down to a set number of days to be eligible for upgrades. Having a copy of your agreement would also be a great way to know what other amenities you have for reference if you’re upgrading.

Know What Your Company Needs

Once you have a time frame of when you can be eligible to start looking at newer models, the easier part is figuring out exactly what you want and need in turns of an upgrade. Do you need a faster machine with vivid color quality? Or do you need more quantity and need extra paper drawers to carry enough paper to be able to get through your work easier? Would you prefer a black and white copier or does your line of work need to be produced with color? Once you have those questions answered, you options are expansive but it is always good to be as specific as possible to get the best copier for you.

Get A Copier Dealer That Will Take Care Of You

Talk to your copier vendor about what kind of maintenance agreements they have as well, and see if that is something you can also add to your contract. Being able to have that peace of mind, knowing your machine will be fixed in a timely manner without a ton of out of pocket, upfront expense is something that not all agreements have. Don’t forget to also ask about copies included, which means that there is a set amount in your contract that allows for copies to be included at no expense to you for either a certain number amount or a certain amount of time. This is a great deal when upgrading because if you’re currently paying for your copies, it is good to negotiate getting back to copies included and upgrading to a newer machine. It’s a win win situation for you and your business! Talk to your vendor today and get the best deal around for what your growing company needs.

More Options

While we are on the topic of upgrading your current office copier machine, if you are currently have a copier that keeps on breaking and your vendor just keeps putting your service call on “wait,” it might be time to take advantage of our Free Copier Upgrade Program for business owners that qualify. Lastly, if you are a business owner who’s business is starting to take off, are currently operating within the Orange County, Los Angeles County, or San Bernardino County, and are ready for something bigger and more reliable, then we recommend checking out our copier Starter Business Package Promotion. Ask one of our professionals to learn how it works and to get your pre-qualified today.

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