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How To Keep Your Office Equipment Properly Sanitized During COVID-19

Having to clean and disinfect your office copier is probably something you never thought of doing, at least not until we got hit with COVID-19. Yet, the copier is probably one area that is still kind of a communal area. This is because people are coming up to this machine constantly to print and collect their documents.

Cleaning this equipment can be challenging because your dealing with a machine that can get hot rather quickly and can easily catch fire when introduced to certain alcohol-based cleaners. You also have to be mindful that your copier has a lot of electronic components inside that can easily get damaged if you add too much moisture.

Here are some tips to clean the surfaces of your office technology devices:

  • Make it a habit to wear disposable latex gloves while cleaning
    Before starting, make sure that you turn off and unplug your device. Do not try to clean your machine while it is still plugged into an outlet.
  • Using a spray bottle, mix 70% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol with 30% water (per CDC recommendations).
  • Spray this mixture onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe highly touched surface areas. Do not spray it directly onto the machine.
  • Pay close attention to the surfaces commonly touched by others such as tray handles, side buttons, touchscreen, etc.
    Do not heavily soak your cloth as it can drip into open areas such as keyboards or USB ports, as this can damage your device.
  • Before turning on your device, make sure that all surfaces are completely air-dried.
  • Once finished disinfecting your copier, remove your latex gloves carefully and wash your hands again for 20 seconds.

Final Thoughts & The Next Step

Some of the newer copiers that have a touch screen recognize a stylus pen. This may be a great alternative option if you don’t want to clean and disinfect your copier every few hours. Now if your copier machine is a bit outdated and would like to upgrade your device, we encourage all business owners that are currently leasing to take advantage of our Free Upgrade Program for business owners who qualify. Lastly, if your company resides in Orange County, Los Angeles County, or in the San Bernardino County and want to take your small, but growing, business to the next level, check out our Starter Package promotion for business owners who qualify. If you still have questions or need more details, please reach out to one of our specialists. 

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