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How New Copiers Are Boosting Productivity In The Workplace

As a business owner, you can’t overlook the importance of printers and multifunctional devices in your place of business. Nearly all employees will end up using a single device during work hours to manage, process, and share company information. Additionally, with all the technological advances we’ve had over the years, corporate America needs to continue striving if they want to keep productivity levels up.
Even with the most modern office printer, employees can increase productivity by:

  • Allowing teams to search within scanned documents
  • Offering options to print using their mobile devices
  • Eliminating duplicate copy redundancies
  • Cutting down on training with the help of user-friendly touch screens and operating systems

With these technological advances, more employees are starting to see printers and multifunction devices as nothing more than “appliances” in their workplace. What employees don’t know is that these devices are becoming more of a source to huge gains in business productivity. Copier manufacturers have always tried to produce machines that can increase productivity and it becomes even more important now that new technological features are re-defining the employee workforce. You now have printers that can turn text documents into searchable data with the help of optical character recognition (OCR). This is shifting the perspective of printers just being a piece of hardware and more of a solution that can solve problems for end-users. So how are these printers and multifunction devices helping organizations save money, improve efficiency, and protect sensitive data? Take a look.

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More Functionality Through Touch Screens

Touch displays on printers are nothing new as they have been around for many years now. What is different is that the displays have drastically changed to mirror the interfaces of smartphones and tablets which allow users to have a familiar intuitive experience through the use of applications. This translates to less training and answering questions about the printer and more work productivity right from the get-go. Many of the Kyocera Copystar copiers have several apps that were designed to enhance printer usability and easy scanning. These simple to use touch screens ensure that any employee in your organization can easily and quickly use your copier system.

Simple Cloud Tool Accessibility

Depending on the Kyocera Copystar model you may also have access to cloud tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive available straight from your dashboard. This means that your employees are now able to print directly from these devices without ever having to touch a laptop, desktop, or other computing devices. This also means that your copier should also have the capability to scan a hard copy of an important document and upload it directly to your cloud storage. Not only does this eliminate redundancies that hurt productivity but also ensures your documents are secure.

Mobile Printing

Some organizations will use mobile devices to perform their daily business activity. You have employees that perform most of their work over smartphones or tablets to send out emails, perform presentations, and connect on social media. If an employee has to take time to send a document or PowerPoint from their mobile device to their laptop or desktop just so they can print, then they are losing valuable time.

Searchable Scanned Documents

Optical character recognition (or OCR for short) enables organizations to convert scanned paper documents, PDF files, and other images into an editable and searchable data. More and more copiers and printers have these features built into their system to help organizations store and manage their data in a way that facilitates – rather than impeding productivity. This is just one way that printers are becoming a full-service productivity tool.

Less Paper

While this should be a given, we do need to go over some important facts. It wasn’t that long ago when documents shared within an organization had to be hard copies. With a powerful copier or printer at your office, you can scan and organize your documents much quicker. If you have to sort through papers then there is a good chance that they can get lost in transition. Scanning just makes the whole process even simpler by storing and sharing these documents electronically.

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