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Why Kyocera Copiers Are Better Than Ricoh Copiers

Why Kyocera Copiers Are Better Than Ricoh Copiers

Posted by Jonathan Morales in Copier Upgrade

It’s no secret that Kyocera and Ricoh are both big contenders in the office equipment industry. They are both known for good quality machines, but Kyocera is just a bit more of a premium product. It’s actually hard to compare this product to anything else right now because of how well these machines are made. It even stands to be the biggest copier company in the world.

Going back to how Kyocera stacks up against Ricoh, there is just no question that Kyocera’s products have a much more ease-of-use, have been known to be more reliable and has a much better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Additionally, Kyocera copier machines are much easier to maintain the company is always looking for ways to become more innovative with the new product line. To sum things up, you will be much better off purchasing a Kyocera product. However, if you still need a little bit more convincing then keep reading as we start to break down some of the key differences.

Kyocera vs Ricoh Comparison

When it comes to product offering, both Kyocera and Ricoh have a lot to offer as they are both major manufacturers in the office equipment industry. Rico has a slight edge when it comes to specialty models as they are also known for its wide-format printing.

Kyocera machines, on the other hand, are better suited for companies that run higher volume and are looking for a machine that hardly ever goes down during high usage. Our Kyocera copier machines have gone up to a year without getting a service call that we have to send out a service rep just to make sure everything is going well. Additionally, when we acquire a new customer that is switching to a Kyocera for the first time, they usually inform us of the savings they made just on toner orders.

Now if wide printers don’t have a place in your establishment and you don’t see yourself generating a lot of volume, then it just comes down to personal preference or whatever fits your budget at that time. It’s only common sense that if you use your machine once in a while as supposed to every day, your cost will go down along with any downtime.

Kyocera Copiers – The Hidden Gem Of The Copier World

The Kyocera copier manufacture is hardly ever talked about and it’s usually because they get under-appreciated and overshadowed when comparing them to other name brand manufacturers such as Canon, Xerox, or Sharp. You might be thinking this bad for business, but it actually benefits the Kyocera manufactures in a big way.

Usually, brands that have more name recognition tend to charge more for their products. This, in turn, leads to spending more for a lesser machine. The benefit of having a Kyocera copier machine is that you get more bang for your buck. And as your machine breaks down and you need to replace a part, Kyocera machines will be less expensive than those of a name brand.

Final Thoughts

As you continue to investigate and research your copier of choice, make sure that you are keeping in mind your wants and needs. And if you still have questions or need additional help in finding the right model for your industry, talk to one of our representatives today. As one of the leading Kyocera copier dealers in California, you can turn to us for sales, leasing, or Kyocera copier repair services.

While these machines have been known to be extremely robust, it helps to have coverage when you need it. Make sure your copier is protected with a copier maintenance agreement. For more information, please contact one of our specialists today. On the off chance that you already have a copier, but are unsatisfied with the machine or your copier vendor’s service, we encourage you to take advantage of our free copier upgrade program for new customers.

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