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Fixing Simple Copier Issues And When To Call For Help In Los Angeles

While most office supplies and equipment doesn’t seem glamorous, there are plenty of things that your office really can’t be without. While the list may feel long and full of simple, easy to find things, there are a couple things on that list that are definitely harder to replace if they were to break.

No one ever wants to think that their office equipment could just break or malfunction at any moment but unfortunately it is a reality. While fixing big ticket office items aren’t as easy as a trip to the local supplies store, it isn’t the end of the world either. One item that may sound like a pain to even think about repairing when it’s broken is your copier machine.

Knowing When To Fix And When To Call Your Copier Vendor

It’s such a big piece of equipment and most likely an important part of your daily office duties. When your copier machine is down it could feel like all work is stalled and limited to only work that you can do without it. Since it’s definitely not easy to just find a new copier machine at last minute, it usually means you have to figure out what’s wrong with your machine and fix it yourself or call a maintenance company. Sometimes the fix is as easy as changing out the toner cartridge for a new one, or just finding out where the paper jam is stuck at. Other times it could be a bit more complicated with maintenance lights that turn on or more complicated error messages.

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No matter what the issue is, there is no need to panic. Help is either a couple open drawers away, or a phone call to your copier vendor provider. While your copier machine is durable and a hefty piece of office equipment, it isn’t something that is 100% invincible. Make sure you’re ready for anything that could happen, at any time. That means having a extra toners when necessary and having a copier contract that cover maintenance.

A Simple Fix When You Know Where To Look

While there are an unlimited amount of error messages that your copier machine could produce when it is malfunctioning, there are some that are very text book and simple to achieve on your own. Now, sometimes simple has a different definition for each person. But usually a simple fix is something that requires less exertion or work on your behalf. A simple fix in terms of your copier machine could be sometimes a toner issue or a paper tray issue.

Quick Toner Fixes

Depending on your copier make and model, switching out your toner is really simpler than you may think it is. Your machine will tell you what’s wrong and which toner to take out, and depending on your service plan with your copier vendor then you shouldn’t have to do anything extra to get new toner. It is as simple as making a phone call and asking for the correct toner, or even putting in an order online. Some newer models of copier machines are able to show you exactly which paper tray needs to be filled with either more paper or where your paper jam is located.

Smarter Newer Copier Tell You Issues In Detail

Now while sometimes there is more to it than a simple restock on paper, these newer copier machines are good at telling you exactly what is wrong. For any more complicated errors, make sure to note any error codes that you’re getting or if any of them change. There are usually different color blinking lights that will indicate a problem to get your attention, and most of the time you can’t use your machine until the error message is acknowledged or cleared. For more serious issues, you may need to make a call to your copier vendor for maintenance.

Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

Moral of the story is: your copier machine isn’t invincible but it is something that can be taken care of. Like most maintenance, it is something that is best taken care of as soon as possible. Not only will that get your machine back up and running faster but it will also ensure that no long term damage is being done to your machine while it’s down. Don’t wait until your machine isn’t working to find out what kind of maintenance plan you have with your copier vendor. Having a broken machine isn’t the time to start trying to negotiate a service contract with your copier vendor.

Final Thoughts

That may cause a lot of stress and may leave some ill feelings towards your copier vendor. It is important to know where you stand with your copier vendor on maintenance and supplies before it becomes an emergency. The worst time to try and find a copy of your copier machine lease is when it isn’t working and you need it urgently. When making your copier lease negotiations, ask your copier vendor about the maintenance and supplies plans that they offer and which ones would work best with your copier machine type and model. Remember that you are allowed to know all aspects of your contract, so that when there’s an emergency you’re not left in the dark with unanswered questions.

Additional Choices

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