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Company Growth And Success Through Your Office Copier

Do you remember the last time you updated your office copier, such as buying or leasing a new one? If it’s taking you a little more than a minute to come up with an answer then it may be time for an upgrade.

There’s not always an obvious or specific problem that could be costing you money, but any copier that is constantly jamming or slows down printing is definitely getting in the way of growth. If these examples are making you think of all the troubleshooting you’ve had to do in the past few months because of your old office copier, then it is a sign that it’s time for a new one! You certainly are not the first or last person to experience this torn feeling of knowing you are going to have to replace your copier soon.

When you’ve become used to working with an older piece of technology, it can be difficult to part with it for something new. Most people in this situation are more likely to rather spend hours working with an almost broken copier than reaching out to their local copy machine repair company that never answers their calls or have the time to fix it.

If you are finding yourself in a similar situation, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s almost as if you’ve gotten used to the idea that tomorrow will be another day of trying to unjam paper or having to look at the copier manual to find out what those error codes mean. However, when you’re working with a reputable copier company with experience, it’s not just about their products but also their service which brings business and employees success.

Going through the process of choosing the right copier vendor that will provide quality customer service might seem like a bit of a puzzle. The good news is that we’ve got you covered! Here are a few things to look out for when reviewing copier vendor choices to see which one benefits your company’s growth.

Office Copier Dealers And Your Business: The Things To Look Out For

Regardless of what the copier dealer claims they have achieved, the only thing that matters are the facts. This is where you have to do your due diligence and research the company including their reviews and they social media platforms. When you, as a consumer, know exactly what you’re looking for in a vendor it becomes easier to weed out ones that don’t meet your expectations. Once you’ve narrowed down your favorites, then it is time to start probing in the following areas.

What Kind Of Response Time Do They Have?

Ask yourself: How much downtime can you afford to lose if your copier decides to stop working? Let’s go out in a limb here and say that the answer is that there is no room for downtime — ever.

When your company is serving many customers each day, any time spent troubleshooting your copier puts everything on hold which costs you time and money. Not only could you be losing money on the production side, but it could mean potentially losing customers to the competition down the road. Your office copier vendor should be helping you grow your company by providing a quick response time when you need it most. So when a dealer says that they can provide a response time that is 2 hours of less, make sure to pay close attention to it. Most companies will take an average of 4 hours depending on the time of day and worst-case 8 hours, which means you won’t see a technician till the following business day.

When it comes to response time, the copier dealer might end up bending the truth just so they can earn your business. The easiest way to find out the truth for yourself is to read some of their customer reviews. When a customer is unhappy about bad customer service they’ve gotten from that company there is a good chance that they will write a negative review.

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Is There Invoicing Consistent And Continuous?

Nothing frustrates a customer more than getting inaccurate invoices or being charged too much for service or products. It becomes more irritating to deal with a company that is still sending incorrect invoices which forces you to spend your time double checking their work. If you want to grow as a business you are going to want to partner up with a company that focuses on accuracy. This is why it is important to communicate to them how much you prioritize this! Make sure their invoices have an accuracy of at least 95% or above.

How Is There One-Call Resolution?

Earlier we covered the importance of quick response time but left out an important part of the equation which is the one-call resolution. As you through your screening process of finding copier dealers that can provide 2 hours or less response time, make sure to consider their ability to resolve your issue over the phone.

While it’s great if they can make it to your location within a few hours, it doesn’t do you any good if they fail to solve the issue right there and then. But before ruling them out, you should keep in mind there should be a little bit of exception when dealing with a complex piece of equipment like your copier. With that being said, your copier company should be able to resolve your issue during their first visit to your office.

Just imagine how much more productive you can be knowing your business will be up and running that very same day. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Are They Certified?

It’s no secret that certain professionals such as attorneys, teachers, or doctors must have proper certification and credentials to practice what they do legally. Usually, they come in a form of a degree or diploma and will be prominently showcased somewhere on their wall for everyone to see.

You can probably guess where we’re going with this. It’s important to ask if they are an authorized dealer and if their technicians are also qualified to work on your copier. You wouldn’t want some random person coming into your office and start tinkering with your copier and not doing right? As technology is always changing it means your copier dealer needs to be on top of these types of things.

The technology that you bring into your office will either make or break your business, so make sure you are taking the time to do some research on the best copier dealers near you. The better informed you are about their services, the more qualified you will be finding the best vendor to start a business relationship with.

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