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A Time Frame On When You Should Be Getting Your Next Office Copier

You can quickly get a feel for how your current office copier is doing based on how well it performs and how many jamming problems you have to deal with. It becomes even more apparent when your small business starts taking off and your printing demands go up. It’s during this transition that you begin to realize just how vital your copier is to the success of your business. This means that you now have two questions to ask yourself: How to find the right copier for your business, and when should you be looking to upgrade?

As a business owner, you know more than anyone else what you need in a copier to run your daily operations. You’ve also probably contemplated whether you should buy or lease your next office copier. Copiers are very similar to purchasing a car – it’s not a simple decision and you’ve probably put it off for months or even years because you weren’t ready to bite the bullet. You might also be asking yourself some of the following questions:

Where should I start looking?

What are some of the most important features my employees use?

How can I ensure that the copier dealer isn’t just hustling me for money?

Similar to car dealers, do copier dealers have a prime time of the year to buy or lease?

Do I have to wait until my lease is over before I can get a newer copier?

Am I looking at a broken copier or is it just too old now?

What new copier technological advances should I be focusing on?

If you’ve been scratching you’re head trying to answer these questions, you are not alone. This is actually a good starting point for anyone who’s just started to look for alternative options. However, for the purposes of this blog, we are going to focus on answering the question of when you should be looking for your next new copier.

The simple answer is… NOW!!!


Now that you know you can start the process of upgrading your copier today, we now need to look at the machine itself and some of the essential functions your copier needs to have. The best way to answer this question is to do a quick assessment and ask your self “What Do I Use My Office Copier For?”

We know it might seem fun to start shopping around for different brands and models, however, you’re approaching the whole buying process wrong. It’s best to first educate and learn about yourself on the essential functions your employees need to run your daily operations. Not only that, but you also have to find out what kind of a copier company you are going to be dealing with.
If you’re still in the dark on what you should be looking for in your next office copier, then we recommend speaking with one of our specialists today to find out how we can optimize your workflow and productivity. Our free copier assessment will help narrow down what’s most important for your industry so that you can keep growing every year.

Get A Newer/Better Copier For Free Without Spending A Penny More


Going back to the copier company you will be dealing with, be mindful of their values and the level of quality they can provide you in your time of need. We also understand that certain businesses like to keep their expenses as low as possible, which means dealing with copier companies that might not give you the best service but are reasonably cheap. For those that go by price, the only thing we can say is “You Get What You Pay For.” Smart business owners know the importance of quality and value which is why they opt-in for companies that will take care of them and give them piece of mind.

Be very conscious of what kind of copier dealer is representing you. Usually, business owners that spend a little bit more on a product and service are usually more pleases in the long run. We can’t say that this applies to every scenario possible but it most certainly applies here.

There are a few businesses out there that don’t necessarily do a lot of volume, which means they can keep their cost down on a copy machine and the service that comes with it. This then goes back to doing a personal business assessment. Perform a print and copy evaluation to find out your monthly volume. And if you are unsure about what to look for our team of copier professionals are here to help you every step of the way.


There really is a plethora of office copiers out there with different features and functions. The best way to weed out some of these copiers is to figure out what won’t benefit your business. The first thing to look for is what kind of documents are you printing and copying? Are you printing mostly on standard paper or do you need to use legal and 11×17 paper? Additionally, will you need it to staple and hole punch?

Additionally, do you need your copier to print in color, or is black and white enough? Are you planning on printing high-resolution graphics and designs? What we are trying to point out is that every industry is different and will have unique needs.
If you’re looking for a basic black and white copier to run your daily operations, then you might not need the latest and greatest copier – at least not right now. You might be find just getting a commercial printer that offers you the essentials. But you also don’t want to get a small printer if you know that you are doing large volumes and really heavily on your office copier to run your daily operations.


Let our copier specialists perform a print assessment to see if we can start saving you money today. While we are on the subject of money, if you are a business owner that is currently leasing their copier machine, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our Free Upgrade Program where we offer you a better and or newer machine without you spending a penny more. For our Orange County and Los Angeles County community, if you are a new business that’s looking for a good office copier that is on the economical side, we also have a copier Starter Package promotion for business owners who qualify. To learn more on each of these programs and promotions, click on the following links below or give one of our specialists a call today.

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