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Your Copier Maintenance Contract Is Key To Preventing Serious Downtime in Los Angeles

When you think about your copier machine as it relates to your business, it may seem like a small part that is not even relevant. But if you look at the bigger picture, there are many aspects of your business that you probably don’t think are important.

On a daily basis, there are many gears that work together to get your business to where you see it now. Most of these things you don’t even think about on a daily basis, let alone as frequent as you probably should. Not only is it easy to put things off that may seem small, but it can sometimes lead to bigger problems. By not giving the smaller things attention, then they can sometimes get put on the back burner which means they’re not getting upgraded or maintained.

The Importance Of Copier Maintenance

One of the biggest pieces of equipment that gets put on the back burner is your copier machine. They tend to just be something that everyone assumes just takes care of itself and doesn’t need much attention. But unfortunately that is not the case most times. If there is extensive neglect it can sometimes lead to massive errors and the downfall of your copier machine. While some machines need less maintenance than others, use is also a big factor on whether or not your machine needs more attention.

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If you use it on a daily basis, and run it to its full capacity daily then there definitely needs to be maintenance and some sort of attendance. Most of the time, copier machines will let you know when something is wrong. Unfortunately, some older models wait until it is no longer in use to let you know that there is something wrong. Most newer, upgraded copier machine models are very good at warning about any type of maintenance and even alerting when toners or paper are low so you are prepared and never left with no machine.

Neglecting The Warning Signs

One of the biggest mistakes that office staff can make is ignoring signs or warnings from the copier machine. These warnings are usually cautionary and sometimes ignored because they are just that, cautionary. No one thinks twice about ignoring an alert when it suggests that paper will become low or toner will be running out soon, or that you’re running out of staples. It only becomes a five alarm fire when there is absolutely nothing left, meaning that your machine is left out of commission and who knows for how long.

Most of the time, your copier vendor will advise to give them a call when your toner levels are low or any warnings pop up on the screen about suggestive maintenance. This is because if those warnings go unnoticed for a certain amount of time, it tends to lead to bigger issues. One thing you don’t want is for your copier machine to suddenly be out of commission and having to wait for parts and long term maintenance that could’ve been avoided by calling in a warning light or reminding your vendor of a routine maintenance.

Take A Proactive Approach

Don’t wait for your copier to be flashing red lights and making you wait for all of your important work to be done. While some errors take minutes to get taken care, some require maintenance kits that your copier vendor may not have on hand meaning that you will be left waiting without a copier while they order it and then come back to fix it. Always be proactive and precautious when it comes to the maintenance and care of your copier machine. Even though it may seem like your copier machine is invincible, remember that it is still a piece of equipment that you actually need to function on a daily basis.

Stay On Top Of Your Copier

Keeping your business afloat and functioning on a daily basis is already a bit of a juggling act. Something that you can keep in mind to make your daily operations run smoothly is that nothing lasts forever and there are preventable tasks that will allow your equipment to keep functioning. One thing that you don’t want is for there to be a wrench in your daily operations when it was something that could’ve been prevented in the first place. Make sure that your office equipment is maintained regularly and not something that you just put in the back burner for as long as you can.

Final Thoughts

Keep in contact with your copier vendor and alert them when anything comes up regarding toner, maintenance, or anything else that could jeopardize your machine life. Nothing is worse than having an issue with getting your work done and having to stop daily operations for an issue that could have been prevented in the first place. Just keeping up with your office space and equipment can really make a difference in making sure that your office staff and business is set up for success. And on the off-chance you are already in a copier agreement with another copier vendor and regret signing up with them – we encourage you to check out of Copier Free Upgrade program for business owners that qualify. Our team of professionals will help you get into a newer/better copier without spending a penny more. Let our team of professionals pre-qualify today to find out if you can get that better copier machine sooner than later. And for those businesses that are in our backyard and are looking for a Starter Program, then we encourage you to check out our Starter Program for business owners who qualify. This applies to those businesses that are in the Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

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