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The 3 Steps To Take When Your Copier Lease Is Ending

So it’s almost over. Your copier lease end date is just looming over the horizon and now you need to figure out what your options are and the steps you need to take to return your office machine.  The copier machine has served its purpose and has had a good run over the last few years. We are going to assume that because you’ve had it for so long, the copier machine has been good to you, but now it’s time to end your lease. So what should you expect to happen now that your copier lease is expiring? Well, this next part can get tricky if you don’t follow the proper steps.

Letter of intent

Whenever you are looking NOT to renew your lease agreement, a written confirmation needs to be generated by the person who originally signed the lease. You must also take into account that each leasing agreement is different because you sometimes have different providers, so make sure that you read through the requirements that are needed for proper termination and that it’s filled correctly. Doing this process haphazardly will cost you dearly.  This is because most leasing companies will automatically renew your lease agreement for up to a year if you fail to provide the right information.

Machine condition

Regardless of the leasing company, they all want their office equipment to be in “good, working order” before it is shipped back. This means that the equipment first and foremost must A) Power on, B) pass paper, and C) has no physical damage (Broken parts, dented panels, etc). The best way to protect yourself in this situation is to take a few pictures and/or videos of your machine when it first arrived and when it finally leaves your building in case you need to dispute an issue later on in the future. Some return facilities can take up to three months to inspect the condition of your machine which allows room for additional dents or mistakes to happen during the transfer process.

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Returning the equipment

One of the final steps in returning your machine to your financial institution is getting some return instructions. Once the final request has been made for your return instructions it will also prompt the leasing company to generate a final bill. When your lease balance has been fully paid off, you will receive instructions by the leasing company or your copier dealer on where your machine needs to be shipped. At this point, all you have to do now is arrange freight transportation for your equipment and make sure that its insured and properly packaged. Be proactive and ask for delivery confirmation from the shipping company.

Learn More

If you still have questions about the leasing process and are looking to replace it with a much more modern piece of equipment, make sure to get in contact with one of our professionals today. Our specialists will help you find the right mix of technology to make your company even more productive. And if you’re stuck in an agreement where you hate your copier machine or have been frustrated with your copier vendor’s service, make sure to take advantage of our Free Copier Upgrade program for new customers. Just give us a call to learn more about how to qualify. Once qualified, your experts will handle the end-of-lease process and will help you find a better machine that will align more closely with your office needs.

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