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How to Embrace And Adapt To Your New Smart MFP

The New Multifunction Printers

With one of the new MFP’s in your corner you will be able to copy, print, scan, fax – and do all the “smart” stuff like running apps, integrating networks, and advanced network applications just to name a few. Additionally, as manufacturers continuously find ways to minimize jamming and other issues your machine won’t need a lot of maintenance work which brings a lot of relief to most small business. This means that instead of having a thousand gears turning individually, which increase the chances of breaking down; your modern models are now sleeker and build with fewer components that may require basic replacement.

Here are a few things you will be able to do with your smart multifunction device:

  • Being able to automatically monitor threats, validate operating software, and detect any intrusion in your workflow.
  • The ability to generate jobs with stunning color all while keeping the cost down.
  • Improve workflow and accuracy.
  • The ability to integrate with document workflow processes.
  • The new models are more energy efficient.
  • These machines are just more robust allowing you to keep on truckin’

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New Tech Brings Stronger Collaboration

The true benefit of having these smart multifunction devices is that they are capable of expanding your business in more ways than one. Having a smart machine in your office means that you can now collaborate with others in a much deeper level to resolve any problems quickly and effectively. This allows for new business growth and strengthens your current business relationships with clients.

Resistance Towards Change

The problem is that most people are creatures of habit and it’s defiantly noticeable even more in the workplace. When people are accustomed to having a set routine they will hesitate to take on anything that might interrupt their daily rhythm. Even if you are showing them a way to better improve their productivity levels, they will drag their feet the whole way there. When you’ve used a copier for several years people know exactly what buttons to push to get what they want. This is why it can be difficult to kick an old habit. This is where good communications and a solid game plan needs to be implemented during this transformation process. When your employees see the benefits these new MFP’s bring to the office, it makes the adoption process feel more seamless. It will be your job to facilitate the company mindset towards how your employees print so they can better prepare for what’s to come.

Explain Your Reasoning Behind It
Whenever you change something that disrupts workflow for any and all departments, you need to make sure that you take the time to explain the importance of the change as best you can. No person has ever liked the answer of “just because I said so.” Make sure that your managers are the first people to understand why the switch and then quickly move on the sharing this information with the rest of your employees.

Bring Excitement To Change
Having a smart multifunction printer in your office can bring excitement for some but terror for most. This is why you need to ease any doubts people might have by showing confidence in your decision and sharing with them just how much better their lives will be. If your employees feel that you are hesitant about your decision they might end up resenting you for it.

Take On All Feedback
Once your new office equipment has been fully set up and you find that a number of your employees are genuinely frustrated with the new machine, be respectful and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. You might need to have your vendor send out a technician to provide them adequate training on how to operate the new machine.

More Options

If you are finally looking to move into a new smart multifunction printer but need more guidance on how to find the right one for your business, feel free to contact our friendly staff here at Compare Business Systems, Inc. And if you find yourself in a situation where your current copier vendor just isn’t doing anything to help you in your copier needs, make sure to talk to us about our Free Copier Upgrade Program for new business owners that qualify. Last, but not least, we have a special promotion going on for business owners that currently operate in the Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County. If your business has been growing exponentially the last few months and your small desktop printer no longer meets your needs then you might want to check out our copier Starter Business Package Promotion for business owners that qualify. You can always connect with one of our copier specialists if you still have questions or need more information.

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